Dance Techniques Offered by Our Studio

Classical dance and classical dance in pointe shoes

Classical dance is a foundation for all dance styles. It teaches dancers self-discipline, develops stamina and leg and arm coordination, trains all muscle groups of the body and makes joints and ligaments more flexible. Posture, arm and leg positions, flexibility of feet, joints and back, strength, lightness and grace of performance – it is the foundation of the classical dance. A class of classical dance consists of different parts: bare exercises, exercises in the middle of the dance hall, allegro (jumps), exercises while wearing pointe shoes (in female class). Classical dance is also used for training small children starting from age of 3 – it is called “children’s choreography”. Choreography class starts with exercises on the floor, and the main purpose is to prepare child’s body for bare exercises that follow later. To make bare exercises more efficient, child’s body must be prepared to the maximum, which is achieved with exercises on the floor. Body should be strong with excellent posture, good sense of balance, sufficient hip extension, flexibility of feet and arm plasticity.

Contemporary dance and dance improvisation

Contemporary dance combines several dance techniques, methods and forms of movement to achieve unique result. This style contributes to versatile development of body and mind, because laws of physics are applied. Dancer learns to use the flow of energy deliberately – inhale/exhale, jump/fall, tension/relaxation, stativity/dynamics, inertia of motion. The main purpose is to develop sense of rhythm, musicality, flexibility and coordination. Dancer acquires basic acting skills to be able to react fast in any situation and find interesting solutions. In dance productions, it is important to understand dance moves and combinations, as well as acknowledge one’s own creativity – it is trained in great detail in dance hall.

Hip Hop

In these classes children learn the basic dance techniques of hip-hop culture, as well as get an insight into several dance styles, such as house, waacking and others. This class develops agility, physical fitness, body flexibility of dancers and trains memory. Great emphasis is on musicality, sense of rhythm and coordination.


Stretching is a set of exercises that is used to develop flexibility of the body. Stretching makes ligaments and joints more flexible, allowing a person to use full range of motion. Stretching helps to reduce muscle fatigue, pain and nervous tension.


In our studio, dances for each group are choreographed according to age and skill level of children. To create a repertoire, we use all dance techniques that are taught in particular dance group. The main task is to let children express their emotions freely in each production, demonstrate how well they have acquired dance techniques and help them feel confident and comfortable on stage.

Basic acrobatics training

Children learn the basic elements of acrobatics while strengthening their bodies. Many of these elements are included in dance routines, which makes them more complicated and interesting. In acrobatics classes, children do balance, coordination and flexibility exercises.

Other services:

  • Dance productions
  • Private dance lessons
  • Choreography for singers
  • Interesting ideas for wedding dance or dance for bachelor/bachelorette party

Dance studio has a licenced programme “Dance Improvisation”.
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